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> Subject: Firewall - system-config-securitylevel
> I am trying to get pserver to work and need to allow traffic on port 2401.
> I only have access via ssh to this server. I am using
> system-config-securitylevel to do this, is that the way to admin the
> firewall?
> I am allowing telnet now, but when I try to telnet to the server it
> gives "Connection refused".
> When I modified the firewall using system-config-securitylevel, do I
> need to restart the firewall somehow? Is there any textfile where I
> can find all firewall settings?
> How should I "officially" check if the 2401 port is open? I have been
> using telnet for this, and that gives indications that there is some
> firewall. Is it possible to see where the request is refused? It might
> be the ISP that this server is inside that is blocking it?
> /Peter

[Peter Lauri - DWS Asia] 


I finally solved the problem with connecting to the pserver. There were no
problems with the Firewall, it was correctly setup. I used
system-config-securitylevel to admin it, and that admin the iptables file
automatically and then I just "service iptables restart" and it should be

However, the reason why I couldn't connect to the pserver was because xinetd
was not installed. I never checked it, and I find it strange that
/etc/xinetd.d folder exists even if the xinetd daemon is not installed.

I "yum install xinetd" and rebooted the machine and it started to work.

I will write a short "guide to setup cvs on FC6", where can I post that on
redhat site? - company web site - personal web site - become Carbon Free

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