Re: problems with cd/dvd drives fedora core 6

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On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 14:52 -0700, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> I do not know, why but this machine only has KDE, and it was working
> fine.  Suddenly the weird messages starting appearing and I tried to
> open k3b and it hung.  There were no devices found /dev/hdc
> and/or /dev/hdd since there are two drives one DVD/+R-R+RW-RW and a cd
> +r.  I could not even boot live linux cd's when before there were no
> problems.

The last sentence points to it being a problem with your hardware.
"Booting" a CD has nothing to do with an OS on your hard drive.

I'd try:

Carefully going through your BIOS settings.
Swapping the power connector to your DVD for an unused one.
Swapping the ribbon lead to the DVD for a new one.
Removing the plug-in cards and re-inserting them.  Likewise, firmly
pressing any socketed chips into their sockets.
Swapping the DVD-ROM.
Swapping the power supply.
Suspecting the motherboard, itself.

If you move the box around, you can walk cards out of their sockets.
Most cases aren't that rigid, some are so poor you can twist a board
until you crack it.  And if you've been plugging and unplugging hardware
without taking anti-static precautions, that may lead to hardware
failure, and *not* instantly.

(This box runs FC6, my others run FC4 & FC5, in case that's
 important to the thread.)

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