Re: Recipe for Li-Ion battery longevity

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On 3/20/07, Aaron Konstam <[email protected]> wrote:
The issue I think is this. Some types of batteries have memory in the
sense if you change them when they are half charged they will henceforth
only discharge halfway. Batteries generally put in laptops and cell
phones (LI-Ion) this fault as far as I know and therefore they can be
discharged and charged at will. Also it is my belief that the circuitry
in these devices will not allow over charging.
Please read the Wikipedia article on Li-Ion batteries. It is quite
informative and well referenced. What you describe is characteristic
of Ni-Cad batteries.
In summary, the tips to keeping a healthy Li-Ion battery are:
- Use them new ... don't keep spares as they start aging as soon as
they are manufactured
- Don't completely deeply discharge them as it may kill them but
partial cycling is fine
- Store them with partial charge rather than at full charge
- Store them in the cold (but well above -40deg)
- Read your owners manual
- Do not eat :]

(OK ... maybe I made up those last two ... but they are good advice anyways)


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