Re: Fedora - DELL ?

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Arthur Pemberton wrote:
Why does the driver interface have to change from kernal release to
release anyway?
Maybe you might want to check out if that actually happens before
running your mouth/fingers about it.
You can get a pretty good hint from the number of complaints about
nvidia, ati, and vmware drivers after fedora kernel updates.
Develop a universal driver interface and leave it alone, then the
hardware vendors will not have to keep re-inventing the wheel
everytime a new version of the kernal comes out.
You assume they do. Any evidence?
That's one of the biggest difference between fedora and RHEL - and why
RHEL is worth more. RHEL makes the effort to freeze the interface so
third party modules continue to work after a kernel update within the
same major version.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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