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I am using mgetty 1.1.33-9 on FC6 to collect Caller ID information from
a USRobotics Courier external modem.

The problem is the Caller *name* is not being delivered to the
cnd-program specified in mgetty.config

According to the mgetty doc, when cnd-program is specified in
mgetty.config that program is called with several positional parameters:
   port number/name.i.e ttyS0
   calling number
   calling name
   called number (for ISDN modems only)

I get the port number and the calling number properly, but no name.

I know the name is reported because:
1 - I see it on telephones connected to the same phone line.
2 - The USRobotics modem reports it as part of the formatted display
between the first and second ring

Other than that, mgetty is working very well for me. I can't find
anything that documents how to coerce mgetty into passing the name to

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you,

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