Re: Digikam 0.9.1

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Dotan Cohen wrote:

> Although digikam 0.9.0 is available in extras, I'd like to install
> 0.9.1 as it includes two 'killer features' that are important to me. I
> have no problem installing from tarball, but before I do I'd like to
> know if I have any other options. I suppose that I could create an
> rpm, would that be worth the trouble for a single install? I wouldn't
> be able to maintain the rpm in a public repo so I'm not sure if the
> effort is worth it. What does the Fedora community think?

Ask Fedora's digikam maintainer to update to 0.9.1 would be the
easiest/sanest approach, imo:
against Extras/digikam.

-- Rex

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