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On 3/7/07, [email protected] <[email protected]> wrote:
hi friends

I put firewall on my global ip
than i want to use NAT to connect Mail server with firewall (that contain
DNs MX and global ip)

so can give me some idea about how can i use NAT for that
is there any good link for NAT than please help me
Sorry, first please help me be sure on what you want.
is this?

_________       _________       _____________
| Internet |--->| Firewall |---->| Mail_Server |
-------------      -------------       -------------------

Where your email server has a private IP and the firewall has two NICs
one with public IP and the other with private IP.

is this right?


Guillermo Garron
"Linux IS user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are."
(Using FC6, CentOS4.4 Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian ETCH)

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