Re: problems with flash on FC6

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On 3/6/07, Akop Pogosian <[email protected]> wrote:
I am trying to install Shockwave Flash 9.0 r31 on my Linux desktops. I
dropped the new and flashplayer.xpt files into
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. This worked fine only on CentOS 4 boxes.
However, on Fedora Core 6, despite using the 32-bit version of
Firefox, I don't see Flash Plugin when I visit about:plugins. Other
plugins, such as Acrobat Reader, register just fine. Please let me
know if I am doing anything wrong. Thanks.
First, are you sure you are using the 32-bit Firefox?  I recently
found out about the firefox-32 package and highly recommend it, see:

Secondly, I installed the Flash plugin from the mplug repository:

Click on a mirror and download the yum .repo file and install it with
yum.  That way you know it is installed correctly and also RPM knows
about it.

Also, directly answering your question, it seems like you had to
either copy the .so or soft link it, but not the other one for it to
work.  Maybe you need to soft link it and not copy the .so file.  Just
something I recall from manually installing a while ago.  But the repo
works well; I suggest using it.


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