Re: view function of Bind 9

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Steffen Kluge wrote:

> Sorry for the goof earlier on...
> On 21/02/2007, at 8:35 PM, edwardspl@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> If the client machine using IP ( / 24, IP range from the
>> NAT service of a Server machine ) and the server machine using IP (
>> / 24 ), then, it need to be configed by using view
>> function ?
> You use views to present different versions of your zones to different
> sets of clients (such as internal vs external clients). You don't need
> them if you want to give all clients the same information. Views have
> nothing to do with NAT (other than certain sets of client machines
> could be recognised by their NATted addresses).
> Cheers
> Steffen.
Hello Steffen,

Sorry, I don't quite understanding your means...
Actually, I needn't to config the bind ( named.conf ) with view function ?

PS: Due to the security and no more public IP ( Only a IP / Gateway from
ISP ) I need to assign the Private IPs for Server machines,
finally transate Private IP to Public IP by Firewall tools ( iptable ) !


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