Re: cups broken by update?

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On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 05:14 +0000, Rick wrote:
> In article <1172034451.14021.6.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Michael A Peters  <fedora-list@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >That may be completely unrelated to your issue though.
> It probably is unrelated. The printer stopped working after the
> last update and cups won't even let me add a new printer. It just
> hangs when I try.
> Looks like trying to revert to the older version would be a
> major pain. So I'm stuck without a printer until this gets
> fixed.

It's not a major pain.

Put the old cups-* rpms in a common directory.
cd into that directory.

rpm --oldpackage --Uvh cups-*

Then add


to /etc/yum.conf

so that they don't get replaced on you again.

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