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Mark Knoop wrote:
At 18:42 on 19 Feb 2007, Anne Wilson <[email protected]> wrote:

Oxford English Dictionary (which I would think was fairly
definitive) notes the use of sheeps.

Not in my copy - though of course few of us, if any, would have the
full OED. Would you like to post the entire entry?

I subscribe to the website version ( The
plural is mentioned after definition 1a. This is the basic entry, I've
not included the various spellings, etymology or quotations...

sheep, n.


    pl. with -s.

    b. With qualifying word denoting the species as African,
broad-tailed, Rocky Mountain, wild (see ARGALI, MOUFFLON, MUSMON). Also
applied to other genera, as {dag}Indian or Peruvian sheep, the llama or
vicuña; mountain sheep, the ibex.
Yep, this is the way I've heard "sheeps" used in South Texas.


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