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Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
[email protected] wrote:
Dear All,

How can we config sudores, then assign a user ( without root ) to running the following :
Install source code package, include the command of tar, configure, make and make install.


You would only need sudo for the make install command - you can do
the rest as a normal user. (At least for almost all packages...) I
have not tried it, but I suspect that if you created a group called
install, and put a rule something like this in /etc/sudoers:

%install	localhost=make install

You could also use something like thins if you do not want it to be
limited to users at the console:

%install	ALL=make install

If you do not want the user asked for his password when running the
command, you can add "NOPASSWD: ALL" at the end.

Hello Mikkel,

Sorry, I don't quite understanding your means...
I just want a sample for installing source code packages ( how to use the command of configure / make / make install ) ?

For my config of sudores :

User_Alias    ADMIN = admin

ADMIN    HOST = NOPASSWD: /bin/tar


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