Re: Unwanted suspend and hibernate buttons in KDE

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On Sunday 18 February 2007, Chris Jones wrote:
> On Saturday 17 February 2007 7:30:26 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Saturday 17 February 2007, Jonathan Rawle wrote:
> > > Since last week's update to KDE, I have a "Suspend" button in my KDE
> > > logout dialogue, which changes to "Hibernate" if shift is held (very
> > > Windows-esque).
> >
> > Even sillier - it's on my workstation, where it's totally inappropriate.
> I guess you guys must be using the standard FC6 KDE ?

> I'm currently running Rex's KDE_Redhat version (stable repo,  KDE 3.5.6)
> and don't have these options (even though I have a laptop and thus in my
> case would like them....).
Interestingly, I hit the Suspend button last night when I intended to shut 
down, and it did work.  I can't see me wanting to use it on a workstation, 
but it did perform as it was supposed to do - as far as I can tell, anyway, 
because I had already shut down applications, so it was only returning the 
kde session.


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