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Today Andy Green did spake thusly:

Ulrich Drepper wrote:

Hi Ulrich -

Try that on a rawhide system.  There was a kernel bad which Linus
finally fixed in the 2.6.19 (or .20?) kernels.

It isn't "fixed" on the current FC6 2.6.19 kernel FWIW.

Partitions are terribly useful.  There several useful mount flags:

  noatime, noexec, nodev, nosuid
If anything, people should use more partitions, not less.

Why should fracturing your storage like a broken mirror have anything to do with application of what are basically ACLs. Why is smashing the mirror into more smaller pieces any kind of good idea. Partitions in the sense of reserving chunks of storage can only mean that you mismanage your storage in one section or another and run short. The only situation that is optimal is everything sharing a single allocation. It seems to me it is another "bad" that in order to get the granular ACL benefits you mention, for some reason you currently have to use a stupid static reservation scheme.

If you have a runaway process that randomly creates a massive log on /var it won't hose the system.

Same for /tmp

If you decide to add another drive it's very easy.

If you wish to only allocate x amount of space to /home and be warned when you're running out of space it's also trivial.

It's easy to add another drive and move the partition.

It's far easier to do a clean install and keep all your data in your /home partition (for upgrades or if you're rooted)

In my case, I triple boot XP, Vista and FC6, I have a seperate partition for data that's writeable by all three OSen

Mostly, in my server, I have one partition per drive, as I'd not trust something like lvm not to eat all my data by mistake after an update...

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