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On 14Feb2007 20:30, James Wilkinson <fedora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| eng.waleed wrote:
| > How to see the cron   of all users
| cat /var/spool/cron/*
| or (more advanced)
| cd /var/spool/cron || exit
| for i in *
| do echo $i\'s crontab
|    cat $i
| done
| Or other variants to your taste.

I'm fond of:

  cd /var/spool/cron
  grep . * /dev/null

which neatly prefixes all the files with the login name (the filename).
The /dev/null is a hack to make grep do the prefixing even if there's
only one file from the "*" (by making grep see two files - that file and

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