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Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 14/02/07, Colin Charles <byte@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Kevin Kempter wrote:
> Anyone know how to convert ogg files to mp3 in FC5 ?

This seems to be a good guide:

You'll need the livna repository enabled to get the MP3 stuff going

You do realise that the quality might be questionable - ogg and mp3 are
both lossy formats...

The quality won't be questionable- it will be terrible. Especially if
the ogg was quality 6 or under, and especially especially if you are
trying to creat a 128mbs mp3. Why do you want to convert? Ogg players
are available for every major operating system and portable ogg
players are common. Do you happen to have a portable mp3 play that
won't play oggs? DId you complain to the manufacturer that he pays for
mp3 support, and won't include free ogg support? If you don't let the
manufactures know that you want a product then they won't provide it.

Dotan Cohen

On this point I add that I hate both formats because of the lossy nature. I rip CD's to flac and then convert as required for my mp3 player which does support ogg.

My wife cannot notice the difference, even with good headphones on and I cringe at most mp3 music. My biggest problem is "Stairway to Heaven" I have yet to get a good ogg or mp3 version of this song. Same with many live recordings.

Robin Laing

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