Re: i386 / x86_64 mixup

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Mark Haney wrote:
William Murray wrote:
   I installed FC6 i386 on a new box: Dell OptiPlex 745 with core 2 duo
em64T CPU.
It should have been x86_64. Is it worth changing? Can I 'upgrade' or
do I need to do a new clean install?
      Thanks guys!
Ps I have / and /home is separate partitions - if I do a clean install
can I just throw away the / partition and keep /home?
You're better off re-installing. I don't think upgrade is an option
that way, and even if it was, I wouldn't trust it.
And yeah if /home is a separate partition, make sure the installer
doesn't try to format it.


I don't think the 64 bit system is worth some of the hassles. Like firefox plugins, mplayer libraries, Java. I think OpenOffice is still 32 bit.
From a strictly look and feel I did not notice a difference between a
32 bit and 64 bit desktop environment. Maybe on the server side.
There was a thread a couple of weeks ago discussing this.



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