FC6 and Garmin GPS

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Howdy all -

I have a Garmin "etrex Legend" hand held GPS unit.

I bought it for my field herping hobby (looking for wild reptiles and
It came with a serial cable for connecting to a PC but software is only
for Windows. I don't want to buy the software and try with w/ wine/CXO
because it it doesn't work then I wasted money, and I have not had
software that interfaces with hardware (such as a serial port) ever work
well in CXO.

Since spring is almost here, I'd like an easier way to use it in Linux
rather than just manually reading the collected waypoints and entering
them into my field reports.

What I would like to do is to be able to read waypoints right off the
unit through a cable (either serial or, if one is available, a USB
cable) into Linux. It also would be nice to hand make some maps that I
can use to easily return to a particular spot, or to give to researchers
to get to a particular spot if I find a range extension for a species
that needs to be verified or a remnant population for a species in
decline thought to be gone from an area. Both of those things happen
fairly regularly where I am at (though not yet by me), as there is much
wilderness area that isn't well documented for herp species.

It also would be nice to be able to look at a topographical map, and
enter waypoints into some linux program that I can then enter into the
GPS to guide me with respect to how to get to a location that looks

Has anyone done this kind of thing in Fedora, and possibly know where
pre-packaged RPMs exist?

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