Re: cpuspeed throttling

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On Sat, 2007-02-10 at 15:04 +1100, Tony Crouch wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried both of these and they do seem
> to work for most processes, but there are still some which are keeping the
> processor at 3Ghz (instead of the MAXSPEED specified 1.6Ghz) long enough
> to cause trouble.
> I was wondering if there is any way of being more "forceful" with this
> limit process?

I would suggest contacting your hardware manufacturer.
The cooling system in your laptop sounds inadequate - it may need a
bios/firmware update or it may need to be serviced. Could be your fan(s)
are not operating as they should be.

A laptop should not run so hot that it crashes.
It also should have sensors that throttle it down when it reaches a
certain temp (and I believe you can configure cpuspeed to do that as

If you can, try to replicate the issue in Windows. While no one should
have to run windows to get a hardware manufacturer to acknowledge a
problem, it seems too often be easier to do so - as they often will look
for any reason to try and weasel out of their responsibility.

If you have a job title that makes it look like you could be responsible
for computer purchases for a large company (whether or not you actually
are), putting that title on correspondence can help.

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