Re: FC6: kickstart, static ip

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On 2/7/07, Michael Welle <m.welle@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I do kickstart installations and try to assign a static ip
address to the clients:

network --device eth0 --hostname xx --ip xx.xx.xx.1
--bootproto static --nameserver xx.xx.xx.2 --gateway xx.xx.xx.3

After a successful installation process the clients come up and try to
reach a dhcp server (see dhcp discovers in a network trace). Since I
have no dhcp server in this network the clients come up without a
network connection. Seems like a bug to me (FC5 works as expected with
the same setup). Any hints?

I've seens something similar, but in my case I kickstarted one machine
and then moved the disk to the server I really wanted it on
afterwards. I assumed the network funnies were due to this.

Your network stanza certainly looks ok to me.

If you think it's a bug, put it in bugzilla. If you want a workaround,
save a working ifcfg-eth0 and copy it in place after the install,
either manually or via kickstart's postinstall (to put the file on the
system) and /etc/rc.local (to put it where it belongs after the



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