Re: Add/Remove/(K)Yum/Apt-Get -- Which is best?

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On 2/5/07, Benjamin Sher <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear friends:

Would you recommend installing apt (or kapt)? If so, when would you use it?
And would you use it only with Fedora's approved repositories or with any
repositories (e.g. Debian apt)?

Which is preferable: (K)yum, Add/Remove or apt-get?

Yum replaces up2date and is the default package updater/maintainer
application for Fedora. If you want a GUI install yumex.

I would not recommend installing apt-get because it is getting harder
to find apt-get based repositories for Fedora. If you install apt-get
and then also install synaptic so that you get a GUI to use in Gnome
and/or KDE.

Give Smart Package Manager (smart) a try. Smart handles all of the
repo types you listed. Has some useful features such as priortizing
repositories and downgrading packages. The ensemble consists of smart,
smart-gui, smart-update and ksmarttray.

Would appreciate your expert opinion.

Thank you.


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