Re: FC7 Test1, No KDE!!

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jim tate wrote:
Charles Curley wrote:
On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 05:43:42AM -0500, jim tate wrote:
Out of curiosty I installed FC7 test 1 and noticed that Gnome was the only Desktop available, where's KDE ??
I assume this a test version and it will change later, Here's hoping.
NO KDE, NO Fedora on my PC.
Discussion of FC7 is on the Fedora Test List until FC7 is released. As
it happens there was some discussion of KDE there recently.

I tryed to google it and can't find any answers there.
I new it was a matter of time before Fedora would drop KDE.


Since you were discussing FC7 test 1, your question was referred to the
other list.
Anyway, text 1 is for the "Desktop" version. Later on in the test phase
should be a server version and a KDE version.
I was waiting for the "Everything" Version myself.

I guess modeling versions is the plan for future releases of Fedora.

KDE in development is in a mess currently with a lib, games and base conflict. KDE is still there though.
rpm -q shows for FC7 test.


The strange thing is that the updates available are for FC6.

kdebase.i386                         6:3.5.6-0.1.fc6        development
kdebase-devel.i386                   6:3.5.6-0.1.fc6        development
kdegames.i386                        6:3.5.6-0.1.fc6        development
kdemultimedia.i386                   6:3.5.6-0.1.fc6        development


It'll be a nice world if they ever get it finished.

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