Re: The Case of the Missing Characters

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On Fri February 2 2007, kwhiskers{ wrote:
> Yeah, like ya sure have to be careful with knail about which identity is
> sending! hahaha
> I thought if I just set the smtp transport for the identity then all would
> be fine, but kmail doesn't necessarily choose the correct identity when you
> hit reply :-)

KMail has some pretty powerful tools for configuring and managing multiple 
email accounts, and it takes some learning. Let's assume you've created a 
filter in Kmail to send all your fedora-list traffic into a subfolder. Let's 
assume you've also set up a number of identities (I set up a separate 
identity for each email account, and configure the sigs differently for 
example); you could then right click on that folder, and in the properties 
for that folder, you could choose which identity would be used for all 
replies to mail originating from that folder. Now, that's just scratching the 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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