pgAccess & phpPgAdmin with postgresql under FC6

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I'm trying to access a postgresql database via the graphical frontends
pgAccess and phpPgAdmin, running under FC6 (completely up-to-date via
yum). The access control file, pg_hba.conf, contains

local all all md5
host all all md5
host all all ::1/128 md5
host all all md5

and I've edited /etc/init.d/postgresql to launch the postmaster with
the -i option to allow remote connections.

With pgAccess, I am unable to open the database using the host
localhost (couldn't open socket: host is unreachable), but using the
ip ( works fine; at least after adding the final line
shown in my pg_hba.conf above.

With phpPgAdmin, when I enter http://localhost/phpPgAdmin in the
browser, I'm delivered to phpPgAdmin login page, but cannot login/open
the database (error message: login failed). However, when I enter in the browser (the line that works for
pgAcess), I can't even get to the login screen message: (error
message: Forbidden: You don't have permission to access /phpPgAdmin on
this server).

I have read through the docs and online forums, and experimented with
various settings in pg_hba.conf,, php.ini,
/etc/init.d/postgresql, postgresql.conf, etc., as described in various
posts, but I'm stumped. I haven't seen this exact behavior described
before and was hoping it might enable on of you to tell me what I'm
missing or where I might look next.

Thanks for your help.

"Truth is our most valuable commodity--let us economize." -- Mark Twain

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