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On Thu, 2007-02-01 at 08:01 -0500, Arch Willingham wrote:
> Thanks a million.....that is a huge help!
> (and others) support the ODF (see
> for more information) and this format is open,
> documented, unencumbered and fully usable by virtually any software that
> chooses to use it. This is the ground that must be fought for.
> Likewise, things like Exchange Server and Outlook are also used to
> create vendor lock-in - the addiction to the Microsoft behemoth that are
> so hard to break.

> Craig
Hi, Arch,
	Another thing to add about file formats... They change, but when they
are open, tools will be created almost instantly to migrate your data to
remain current, and you have the advantage of retaining the format
document, which means historically you will always be able to retrieve
the original information.  Formats are like hardware storage, and will
age, become obsolete, and so forth.  With an Open format, the
documentation will be available somewhere nearly forever, but with
proprietary formats, you don't even get the documentation.  As your data
ages, it can be non-retrievable,  Not important to end users, but to
corporations and governements, historical records are vital to watching
over the company's or country's property.

	ODF means Open Document Format.  Open in this case does not mean
everyone can see the material in the document, only that the standards
are open to public view, so that new tools can be created that adhere to
the standards.  This will become more important as the capabilities of
software and systems continue to grow.  Visualization software, that is
tools to generate different virtual views of data, needs to be able to
extract data from existing formats to utilize it.  When the format is
proprietary, you may not be able to have the same vision of your data
that competitors will.  This can represent a loss of competitive
advantage, or a gain, depending on which side of the edge you are on.

Les H

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