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On 2/1/07, Frank Pineau <[email protected]> wrote:
When I travel on business, I like to set up video chat to talk to my
family at home.  The problem is, home is behind a NAT firewall (a PIX to
be exact).  I have limited IP addresses and cannot spare one to
statically assign to an endpoint inside my network for this purpose.
Regardless, I'd like to be able to connect to any node in my network,
depending on who I want to call.  I never know what I'm going to be
behind, but it's usually also some sort of NAT firewall that I do not
control.  I've tried ekiga (nee Gnome Meeting), and a few others with
almost no luck.  I thought something like skype (which doesn't support
video under linux) or an instant messenger that uses an intermediary
server (Yahoo, ICQ, etc.) to get around the NAT issues but none of those
support video either.  I've tried VPN to my PIX, but as I can't control
where I'm coming from, I haven't been able to configure a reliable VPN
client for linux.

In short, when trying to video conference under linux, I'm successful
around 5% of the time.  It's almost always easier to boot into Windows
and do it from there.  What do you use for mobile video chat and how
have you set it up?
I can't say that I have done anything with video yet but I was under
the impression that the STUN settings in Ekiga/Gizmo/etc. will help
you out here. Make sure those are enabled and it should allow you to
traverse NAT firewalls without any further intervention on your part.
It works for the audio stream so I am not sure why it wouldn't work
for the video stream also.

Another trick I use something is to set up ssh tunnels for the ports I
need to get through a firewall. That way I only need to have port 22
forwarded through the firewall and I can get any number of ports
through after that. It only works with protocols that have a fixed
number of non-dynamic ports though like VNC.


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