Re: KVM switch problem

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On Tue January 30 2007 1:03:19 pm Gerhard Magnus wrote:
> Has anyone had a problem like this?  Is there a workaround?
> Thanks for the help! -- Jerry

Has been discussed many, many times on this list and elsewhere. 
The best workaround is to not use Belkin. Google it and you will 
see what I mean. Even if you fix the particular issue you're 
encountering, you'll probably have others. Good alternatives 
that are known to work well with Linux are IOGear and Trendnet, 
and others have posted others as well, which I'm sure you'll 
find with a google search. To bring a big list of threads on 
this issue, try typing this in your google search field:
"belkin kvm"
without the quotes, of course

Claude Jones
Brunswick, Md, USA

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