Re: Bash globbing files only?

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"David G. Miller" <[email protected]> wrote:

Yes, I am painfully aware of the power of zsh   :)   But in this case I
> need to do my script with bash and it seems that although globbing for
> directories is trivial ( */ ) there is no similar pattern to match
> files. Oh, well, I guess I'll need to waste some CPU cycles and launch
> find everytime I need to know file names in the current directory.
> Thanks.
How about:
ls -dF ./.[^.]*/ ./*/
./.gconf//   ./.gnome2//          ./.kde//  ./.vnc//
./.gconfd//  ./.gnome2_private//  ./mail//
Nothing like getting the question backwards. Doh! Still seems like it should be doable.

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