Re: kernel BUG at lib/kernel_lock.c:83! - 2.6.19-1.2895.fc6

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Albert Graham wrote:
> I'm simply reporting this "kernel bug", it seems that whenever
> NVidia drivers are loaded and there's a problem everyone
> automatically "blames" Nvidia for it, and in my experience, Nvidia
> drivers are very very rarely the cause of such problems. I've been
> using NVidia drivers since  FC1 (and actually RH 7.1) with very
> little problems.

Nobody was blaming the nvidia driver for the bug, simply reminding you
that if you want to report the bug and have it looked at by any of the
Fedora kernel maintainers that you'll need to reproduce it without a
tainted kernel.  That's for your benefit and theirs.  Feel free to
ignore the advice if you wish, but have fun getting DaveJ or any of
the rest of the folks that could fix your bug to look at it once they
see the tainted kernel.  And pray that you don't make them waste their
time by hiding the fact that you kernel is tainted.

> As for your useless "tainted" responses, I'm afraid falls on deaf
> ears, if you cannot see the "usefulness" of my posts, please don't
> respond to them.

Forgive me for trying to be at all helpful.  Thankfully you posted
this bug report here and not in bugzilla where it could waste the
precious time of DaveJ and the other Fedora kernel maintainers.

Whether you find it useful or not, I think it was worth pointing out
for the benefit of others to know when considering whether to report
any kernel bugs.  Feel free to ignore my reply if you don't like it.

> p.s. shouldn't you be posting in plain text  and not html :)

There is no HTML in my posting.  Please check again before making such
incorrect statements.  Perhaps your mail client doesn't grok
multipart/signed messages (as per RFC 1847 from 1985), though I
thought Thunderbird was quite capable of doing so.

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