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On Sun, 2007-01-28 at 04:26 -0600, Dean Glazeski wrote:
> I've hit a road block.
> I've been trying to get a wireless network card, namely the Netgear 
> WG311v3 to work on a Fedora Core 6 install.  I'm running the 2.6.19 
> kernel and attempting to use ndiswrapper 1.34 to use the Windows 
> drivers.  I looked on ndiswrapper's list of working devices and this 
> Netgear is there and I have the suggested drivers.  The problem I'm 
> having is that when I attempt to connect to a wireless network using 
> NetworkManager-gnome, it attempts a connection, but then fails.  Looking 
> at dmesg after this happens, I see that ndiswrapper is reporting that 
> the scanning failed.  What's more interesting is that the device will 
> work out of the blue and will connect to my access point, but I have 
> been unable to pinpoint why it just starts working.  Any help would be 
> appreciated since I have been unable to find a solution even with a good 
> amount of time googling around about the error.
> Dean Glazeski
Just checking. You are also running NetworkManager and
Byte your tongue.
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