Re: Firefox opens rpms in new window on download

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Anne Wilson wrote:
On Saturday 27 January 2007 20:18, rwhart@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
  My problem seems more general.  Upon attempted download with or
without holding down the shift key, firefox opens the file in a new
browser window.  I can't identify anything out of the ordinary in
about:config settings for firefox.  Ideas please.  Is this a problem
with FC6 IA64.  I don't seem to find it listed.

Check Edit > Preferences > Downloads > View & Edit Actions

BIN	BIN file	Save to Disk

I checked that. On firefox when I open up Edit >Preferences > Downloads > View and Edit Actions the list is blank. The problem is I cannot figure out how to add an item as you describe to the list. Where is the list stored or how do you edit this?



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