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Em Quinta 25 Janeiro 2007 16:56, Dmitriy Kropivnitskiy escreveu:
> I am looking for a reliable way of ripping a DVD onto hard drive. I have
> tried to use mencoder and transcode with and without GUIs, but I get rather
> mixed results (mostly video is fine, but the sound is all jumbled). The
> re-encoding is not a requirement, I can keep the original VOBs as long as
> there is some way to rip and use subtitles. I have tried and tried and to
> no avail. If someone has suggestions, tried and proven commands or any
> other help on the subject I would truly appreciate.


Creating an ISO image of the DVD would solve your problem? If so, you can just 
use k3b to do that. You can reproduce it later with any media player capable 
of reproducing DVDs, using the image as if it was the original DVD.


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