Re: Cannot start laptop - Grub prompt

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On 26/01/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Thanks, I will google that. I had only googled Dell Laptop Media
>Button and variations thereof. I did not know that it is called

You said and I googled:

At 12:20 AM +0200 1/21/07, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>Not that before I booted I played with the laptop's MediaDirect
>feature, and I suspect that it ruined grub. Or more. What can I
>do/check? Thanks.

Interesting. I guess that it did enter my knowledge through reading
about it, and I didn't even realize it. At the time that I started
googleing, however, I didn't know that was it's name. It's not printed
anywhere on the machine, only the button marked simply "Media".

Dotan Cohen

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