netplugd, ifplugd and selinux

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I am running Fedora Core 6 (with latest yum updates) on my laptop
(ThinkPad T42).  I primarily use the wireless card to get onto our
network at work.  This frequently means that I memory suspend the
machine before walking to a meeting etc., and then open it again.  I
have found that netplugd pooly copes with this situation, and that I
would have to always kill dhclient, and then run it again.  In
comparison the ifplugd package (from extras) works very well, and I
never have to worry about getting an ip address etc.

My questions:
1.  From what I could gather netplugd is not developed anymore, and
ifplugd is the more modern version of that.  Why is it not included in
Core by default?
2.  Ifplugd has "issues" with SELinux (I am still trying to figure out
what to relabel), and my sealert friend moans everytime ifplugd
detects a change - anybody has any experience with this?


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