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Aaron Konstam:
> Of a English word spelled incorrectly that the spellcheck does not
> catch. It catches all of mine so I just wondered. But I don't want to
> make a Major thread over this. You can send me the example(s) off list
> if you don't want to clutter up the list. Of course I can't respond
> directly to you.

'twas the other guy that started the topic...  But if one is desperate
to contact me, it can be done.  However, I'll respond back to the list
about some stuff, now, that's generally applicable to this topic.  This
pops up from time to time.

I tend to make do with British spelling if I can't use Australian, it's
generally close to ours, and certainly closer than American.  That, or
just do without spell checking.  In all the years I've been using
computers, it's somewhat unusual to have an Australian dictionary (or
other checkers), so I've gotten use to not having one.  Most of my
spelling errors are typing errors, rather than spelling errors.  I tend
to notice them.  For the cases that I did want one, my usual approach
was to load up a document that's perfectly typed, and add all the words
it complained about to the user dictionary.  ;-)

I've switched it on to check British English, now, and it's flagged
"spelled" and "spellcheck" as incorrect.  Ah, the irony...  It should be
"spelt," to us, and spell check or spell-check, until it become adopted
as a new word.

The usual culprits are things like color versus colour (British and
Australian spelling), metre and litre (correct original spelling, by
those who invented the terms), and words ending with ise/ize (most
Australian words end with ise - like advertise, but I believe the Brits
have gravitated towards using ize endings).  So you can see, we really
do need individual dictionaries, not picking one that's sort of similar.

(Currently running FC4, in case that's important to the thread)

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