Process for file protocol died unexpectedly// Session errors...// KDE restore session

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I'm getting a "The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly" when
I log into my Linux box. 

When I log in, my desktop has no icons.  As soon as I do anything with a
desktop file, it refeshes and the icons appear.  (For example, right

Also, my .xsession-errors file has literally hundreds of  "+QFile::open:
No file name specified" errors in it.  Furthermore, whenever I do
anything on the desktop, like move an icon, about 20 more such error
messages occur.

I think the problem originated when I accidentally filled my hard drive.
Since then I have freed up a bunch of space.  I've also run fsck and its
fine error wise. 

I suspect that KDE is trying to open a file that was used in a previous
session, maybe when my computer shut down from a full hard drive.  How
does one wipe all the previous session info so that KDE doesnt do a
"restore session" operation ?


Kim Lux,  Diesel Research Inc.

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