Re: mysterious complaints from my ISP - could it be Beagle?

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On Thu January 18 2007 8:54 am, P Jones wrote:
> Claude;
> They're not relevant, I was attempting to dispel the potential
> confusion about BEAGLE. One is a search technology, one is a trojan.
> Just reading that last sentence I see an opportunity for some
> disparaging humor, but I'll leave that for someone else...

Thanks for your help. I suspect it's my misconfigured sendmail sent log 
reports from Logwatch and epylog that are causing the problem! I'm going to 
review the several recent threads I've noticed on this subject, today, and 
see if that is the source. That page you referred me to is a goldmine of 
tools and methods - thanks for your insights. As to the last sentence...
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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