Re: newbie to fedora and suffering keyboard problems

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> Both the basic X-less server installs of Ubuntu worked and also with X,
> functioning as a desktop system. Knoppix just does its thang without any
> intervention.
> Hope that helps some...?

Later kernels broke one or two boxes keyboard/mouse detection this way
(particularly if I remember boxes with PS/2 keyboard and USB mouse).
There are some boot options to adjust the way the keyboard and mouse is
probed that may help in some cases:

At the grub message about "Booting ... in  seconds" hit a key, select the
kernel you want, edit the boot line as per the directions and you can
play with the following options one at a time

i8042.noaux  (if you have no PS/2 mouse this may help)
i8042.nomux (usually fixes stuff)
i8042.nopnp (probably not relevant for most PCs)
i8042.unlock (if the keyboard won't let you type but this is usually
weird laptop specific)


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