Apache Web Server + Tomcat5 in FC6

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I'm upgrading my Pebble (http://pebble.sourceforge.com) based weblog
from FC3 to FC6.

My current setup on FC3 uses
 + The Apache httpd server from FC3
 + Sun JDK packaged per JPackage.org instructions (using nosrc.rpm, etc.)
 + Tomcat5 from JPackage.org
 + mod_jk from JPackage.org

On FC6 my plan is to use
 + The Apache httpd server from FC6
 + The Tomcat5 from FC6
 + Sun JDK packaged per JPackage.org instructions
 + ??? Something to front my Tomcat webapps through httpd.

My question for the Fedora folks is this:

 Since FC6 includes both Apache httpd and Tomcat5, is there an
"official" way of connecting the two?  I saw a
/etc/httpd/conf.d/proxy_ajp.conf file on my FC6 machine.  Is that the
way to go?

My question for the JPackage folks is this:

 In the unfortunate event that I don't get an answer that I can use
from the Fedora folks, can I use JPackage's version of Tomcat5 on FC6?
And if I use JPackage's Tomcat5, can I still use mod_jk from
JPackage?  What is your recommended way of fronting my Tomcat webapps
through httpd?

Weiqi Gao (高为奇)
[email protected]

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