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Ric Moore:
> I guess I should say I only paid about $80 for the POS, but what I was
> asking is that, in general, if it will play anything it would be mp3's?

Most likely, though some do support other formats.  Some have even
supported ogg without advertising the fact, so I've read.  But you've
got two ways to find out:  Try it, or tell us exactly what model it is,
and see if someone knows it.

> I have burnt other CD's for the road, and they all work justa fine. This
> is a bit of strangeness. I ripped the videos audio tracks to wav.
> Mplayer plays them just fine. Then I fired up k3b. I used the built-in
> encoding process to to convert those files to MP3'. Mplayer plays them
> just fine as I tested that. Then I try to drag them into the project box
> and I get an error that they are unsupported formats. 

What's the "project box"?  You might want to try another encoder.  In
the past, and it is quite the past when I last had anything to with
making my own MP3s, I found some encoders and decoders weren't
compatible with each other.  e.g. Some of my DVD/MP3 players only handle
some encoding rates, and didn't like joint-stereo mode.  And there's
differing quality between some encoders.

> Am I gone around the bend? Do I unlock this door with the key of
> imagination when beyond it is another dimension? A dimension of sound? A
> dimension of sight? A dimension of mind? Am I moving into a land of both
> shadow and substance... of things and ideas? Maybe I have just crossed
> over into the ...tWiLiGhT zOnE. 

Dunno about that, but definitely into the rambling zone.

/me resists the urge to warp some song lyrics into something about

(Currently testing FC5, but still running FC4, if that's important.)

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