Nautilus no longer shows thumbnails

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Hi everyone,

today, after this yum update (but I am not sure that there is a link):

Jan 10 18:28:02 Updated: libgcc.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:22 Updated: glibc-common.i386 2.5-10.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:27 Updated: glibc.i686 2.5-10.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:28 Updated: libstdc++.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:29 Updated: libgomp.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:29 Updated: libgfortran.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:31 Updated: glibc-headers.i386 2.5-10.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:32 Updated: glibc-devel.i386 2.5-10.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:39 Updated: libgcj.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:45 Updated: libstdc++-devel.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:46 Updated: cpp.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:48 Updated: gcc.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:50 Updated: gcc-c++.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:51 Updated: gcc-gfortran.i386 4.1.1-51.fc6
Jan 10 18:28:52 Updated: wget.i386 1.10.2-8.fc6.1
Jan 10 18:28:53 Updated: autofs.i386 1:5.0.1-0.rc3.2

Nautilus no longer shows files thumbnails, except that text files (I can
see the first lines, this is ok).

In particular, no thumbnails are shown for image and pdf files.

Some facts:

- under root, Nautilus works well;

- there is free space on the home partition;

- in Nautilus open dialogue window (e.g. to choose icon for a file type)
the png images file are not reported;

- if try to launch evince-thumbnailer, the program that Nautilus uses to
create thumbnails of pdf files, it returns a 0376 error (whereas it
gives correctly a png file when run by root);

- the permissions in my home are correct (.thumbnails is readable and
writeable), infacts the same problem is present for all regular users in
my system, apart the root.

Some hint ? I think that there is a somewhere library readable only by



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