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I'm running Fedora Core 6, fully updated.  When I print a text file, for
instance using "lp .bashrc" or with "M-x print-buffer" in emacs, the font
used seems to be the standard terminal font (DejaVu LGC Sans Mono), but the
size is much larger than it used to be. On the page, it looks like at
least a 14 point font, perhaps even larger. System -> Preferences -> Fonts
shows the default font as "Sans 10" and the fixed-width font as "Monospace
10".  I would like it to print as a 10 point font, but I don't want to
change the size of the font on screen. 

The problem seems to be independent of the printer, at least on the 3 I
have easy access to (HP LaserJet 1300, 2420, and 8150, all Postscript).  

Is there a good way to deal with this, short of, say, using a2ps and
specifying the font size?  I couldn't find anything in the system help,
the printer configuration, or Google, but I may have been looking under
the wrong terms.



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