installing FC6 manually

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  I am trying to install FC6 manually, meaning I’m mounting the CD and trying to install the necessary rpms by hand.  The reason for doing so is that I want to create a ppc NFS root file system on a x86 machine.  Ideally I would have my own install script that picks the minimal set of rpms to install.  My plan was to look through the install cd and install the minimal set using the –root option to rpm.  Has anyone had experience doing this?  Can the installer be used for what I want to do?  I tried installing just the base rpms as specified in the comps.xml file however ran into some dependency issues.  I presume the installer installs other rpms behind the scences.  I tried using the –nodeps option and while things installed I got many install failures in the rpm scripts.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks.



Matt Rushton, Software Engineer
EMPIRIX | Communications Infrastructure Group | 20 Crosby Drive | Bedford, MA. USA | 01730
email | [email protected]


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