Re: /tmp running out of space

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On Sunday 07 January 2007 19:38, Boris Glawe wrote:
> Anne Wilson schrieb:
> > /tmp is filling up rapidly.  I'm guessing that it would be safe enough to
> > delete everything dated previous to the last bootup.  Am I right?
> >
> > Anne
> It should actually be easier to go to runlevel 1 and remove everything
> in /tmp. It's very unlikely that there are any processes left that need
> /tmp in runlevel 1.
> You should investigate, why you /tmp in filling up rapidly. Maybe this
> command helps to find the file/directory, that consumes most of the disk
> space:
> du -sm * | sort -n
> du -sm .??* | sort -n (for all hidden files and directories)
> greets Boris

Hi, Boris.  Thanks for the input.  I was a bit worried, but it seems that I 
mis-read the logwatch file.  It wasn't anywhere near full, though there were 
some old print jobs that needed cleaning out.


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