Re: A really good article on software usability

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Software is often designed to be attractive to first-time users and
perhaps has to be, but once you have learned it's tricks and it has
learned your preferences it should adapt to stay more out of the way.

  Les Mikesell

Point well taken, as with the comment about a check box to either
continue or stop a reminder popup box on exit.  I'm with you on that.
I'm sure most would be.

But not the author in the OP's link.  He's of the opinion that it
should "Just work".  But work how, to who's standard.  On his blog he
even shot down a product that on opening allowed you to chose "normal"
or "easy" for a backup solution. Because the default was Normal rather
than Easy.  Regardless which one it is, someone is going to have an
extra mouse click until the software is setup to your preferences.
And if it didn't save that preference, that's the best he can come up
with to fault an application.  One extra mouse click.

Remember that the debate started over him suggesting that things
should be one way - his way.  And all you need to do is click and it
works - for him.

Jacques b.

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