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On Wednesday 27 December 2006 01:01, Chris Mohler wrote:
> Odd, I can't get it working in FC6 (Firefox either.
> I had the same error message as the OP until I removed mplayerplug-in
> and installed realplayer10GOLD.bin.  Now, the player just "sits
> there", and never loads a song.

I think the problem since FC5 is that Firefox is now included with the distro.  
Mplayerplug-in comes with loads of plugins, including an older version of the 
realmedia one, which perhaps won't work with some sites, and the plugins are 
all active in Firefox. Pre FC5, you have to download Firefox from the mozilla 
site, and create a desktop launcher to launch the firefox shellscript, then 
in the case of Mplayerplug-in's plugins you have to create softlinks from 
where you have installed firefox to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, for whichever 
Mplayerplugins you want to enable. I usually enable the "wmp" one, and the 
"qt" one. the "rm" (realmedia) one I don't want, as I have 
realplayer10GOLD.bin installed. I still have had to copy, and 
hphelix.xpt to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, then create the softlink from 
firefox to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, and the same goes for

Personally I prefer it this way. I have more control of where I want stuff to 
be, rather than the automated way, where you don't know what's going on. I 
feel the same way about wizards, where you answer a few questions, and don't 
know what the hell it's done, and which files have been configured.

Enough of my rantings. It would be nice though to find out why FC6, and 
Firefox are having problems with the indiamusiconline site, which 
incidentally I'm still listening to on FC5, although not too interested in 
Indian music.

Nigel. Hoping your having a nice holiday sat in front of the

> I disabled the adblock extension, but that didn't help.
> If you click on the 'help' button on the player, it provides
> instructions for Linux - what are we missing?
> Chris

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