Re: OS Future now that Fedora Legacy defunct

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I keep wanting to ask this question, but I'm not quite sure how to
phrase it, so here goes...

What is the purpose of releasing different versions of Fedora (Core,
or whatever it is called going forward)?

Perhaps a different way to state the same question is: What do I get
by upgrading from FC5 to FC6 (to F7, F8, etc..) that I don't get by
simply running "yum update"?

Or, trying the question one more way: When I run "yum update", as I do
semi-sporadically, why do many packages on my FC5 box get updated so
regularly -- they can't all be security updates (can they?)

I'm going to go ahead and send this out like this -- each time I try
to write an email with these questions, I get to this point and say to
myself, "Well, that's not really want I'm trying to ask", and I delete
my draft, get distracted by something else, and am left wondering what
the answers are.  So, now I'll just let this fly and see what I learn.


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