Re: kernel: BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#1!

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On Mon, December 18, 2006 05:37, Naoki wrote:
> Anybody else? 2.6.18-1.2798.fc6xen
> kernel: BUG: soft lockup detected on CPU#1!
> kernel:  [<c040571a>] dump_trace+0x69/0x1af
> kernel:  [<c0405878>] show_trace_log_lvl+0x18/0x2c
> kernel:  [<c0405e18>] show_trace+0xf/0x11
> kernel:  [<c0405e47>] dump_stack+0x15/0x17
> kernel:  [<c0441961>] softlockup_tick+0xad/0xc4
> kernel:  [<c0409290>] timer_interrupt+0x54b/0x593
> kernel:  [<c0441be6>] handle_IRQ_event+0x27/0x51
> kernel:  [<c0441ca6>] __do_IRQ+0x96/0xf2
> kernel:  [<c0406ca8>] do_IRQ+0x9e/0xbc
> kernel:  =======================
> No idea what was happening at the time that might explain this.

Seem to be a well-known bug, at least it appeared on LKML some weeks ago.
Let me look for the thread and try to find out if there´s any solution available or at least,
point you to the thread.

All the best


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