Re: fedora-list Digest, Vol 34, Issue 168

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Does anyone know if a 24 bit sound blaster live will work on a Fedora
6 64 bit box? It is a KT800 pro mb with rotten VIA onboard sound. I
had a 16 bit SB working, but no luck with the 24 bit. I've been
reading the sourceforge posts till my eyes dried up. Can anyone help
or point? I've been to the SB website and no go. Any help is

G. Hare

The emu10K1 driver should work just fine. (While I can't really comment
about 24bit sound)
I've using it on both SB Live! and SB Audigy 2SZ.

- Gilboa

Thanks, but that was tried with no response. It uses the ca0106
but I can't find any hacks :(

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