DELL D620 docking station + external monitor

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I'm running FC6 on a DELL D620 laptop. After installing the
915resolution tool I also got X11 running in the native 1440x900
resolution using the integrated Intel graphics card and the "i810"
driver. Now when I put the laptop into the docking station I can't get
any X11 output neither to the external displays attached to the
docking stations DVI and VGA port nor on the internal laptop display.

Text mode output to the external displays seems to work, i.e. when the
laptop lid is closed I get the console output on the display attached
to the DVI port.

I also tried the new "intel" driver,  but with this one I can't even
get X11 output to the internal display when the laptop is undocked.

Everything else seems to work fine. So thanks to all the developers
for the very good FC6 release!

Any ideas?

Best regards,

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